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Take some of the hard work out of your learning with this clever little app.

Flashcards Maker

Create flash cards on the go with this amazing, free, easy-to-use flash card maker app. It's perfect for students of any age.

Create, edit and save flashcard with a single click. You'll soon be on your way to remembering all those wonderful and exciting things you could possibly imagine, and all at your fingers-tips wherever you may be.

Add bookmarks to those cards you still haven't quite remembered yet, and choose to display only bookmarked cards in the options panel. When you feel you've remembered the card, simply un-bookmark it. Easy!

Challenge your memory by shuffling cards, and play them all back using the auto-play feature. Just sit back, relax and study at your own pace!

Featuring a clean and stylish, unobstructed, easy to read design, there is just no wonder we have received encouraging feedback from our users. We are sure this app will become a part of your learning arsenal too.


  • - 1 tap card creation
  • - bookmarking cards
  • - card sorting
  • - shuffling
  • - folders for card categories
  • - easy edit and delete folders and cards
  • - account creation and data backup and sharing
  • - card folder list view
  • - and more!

So what are you waiting for? Download and start remembering the easy way!