Localising App Names for iOS and Android

Mon Aug 1 14:42:00 2016

How to localise your app name on iOS

The follow decribes the localisation of the app To Do Today available for iOS and Android. It's completely free to download. Please take a look.

1. In Xcode, right click on your project and choose 'New File'.

2. Under OS X, choose 'Resource' and create a new file of type 'Strings File'.

3. Name your new file 'InfoPlist.strings'.

4. Select your file from the project hierarchy and click the 'Localise' to the right.

5. Select the language you wish to add from the dropdown and press the 'Localise' button. In this case we will be adding Japanese langague support. You will see a tick mark next to the lanages you add.

6. Press the small triangle icon found to the left of the file InfoPlist.strings. This will drill down and reveal the added localisation files.

7. In each file, insert the following, replace the app name for your localised string name.


    "CFBundleDisplayName" = "Today";
"CFBundleName" = "Today";


    "CFBundleDisplayName" = "めもメモ";
"CFBundleName" = "めもメモ";
8. Build your project and test it out by changing the lanuage used by the OS of the device.

How to localise your app name on iOS

For Android, it's a little different.

1. Locate the folder called 'res' in your project. For Unity, this is most likely found in Plugins/Android/native_plugins_lib at the time of writing.

2. Once located, create a folder called 'values-xx', replacing the 'xx' with the two letter combination representing the language you wish to add. For Japanese we create the folder 'values-ja'. You will need to add a new folder for each language you wish to support.

3. Inside each folder, you will now need to create a file called 'strings.xml'. You should also create on inside the 'values' folder. This will be the default language file for your application.

4. In strings.xml, type the following markup, of course replacing the localised string name with the one for your app.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <string name="app_name">めもメモ</string>

5. Build your app and test by switching between the languages you've added. If you switch to a language you have not added, the default language added in values will be used.

That's it. Hope this helps. Happy localising!

Today - Powerful To-Do App Now Available on iOS & Android

Wed Jun 29 12:00:00 2016

Today is an easy to use, stylish and powerful way to manage your tasks, keeping you motivated, productive and on track no matter what the day brings.

Ubacoda is proud to announce the release of ‘Today’, a powerful to-do task list application for iOS & Android.

Today is available on phone and tablet devices on iOS and Android and packs a ton of features. Mark tasks done with a single tap. Personalize the app with a selection of colors. Set times for goal completion and choose to be notified. Create and group lists. Clear done tasks with a single gesture, and many more!

Today keeps you in control of your day, making it easy for you to enter entire lists all at once and then split each item into individual tasks. When you get it all done, just tap to check the items off the list and drag down to remove them all with a single gesture. Getting your tasks in order has never been easier.  

Link to app website : Visit app homepage

Link to App Store : Download on iTunes App Store

Link to Google Play: Download on Google Play

New app 'Gem Plinko' Released on iOS

Thu Apr 14 01:26:28 2016

gem plinko application icon gem plinko for ios screenshot

Gem Plinko is a simple, stylish and fun game featuring realistic physics and a nostalgic art style making it a very easy game to pick up, but hard to put down!

Drop colourful gems and watch them satisfyingly bounce between pegs. Get them in the moving cups below for higher gem return!

Red gem drops will also appear from time to time. Score the red gems to earn a special bonus 'shower' drop on up to 50 free gems.

Sink the green gem for a turn on the slot machine. There are a whole bunch of boosts available that can be viewed on the Pay Table screen for more details.

Compare your scores on Game Center and compete against friends.

Light up all of the colours at the bottom of the screen to win prizes! Collect 'em all!

Features include:
  • Realistic physics
  • Exciting slot machine power ups
  • Simple and nostalgic art style
  • Collectable prizes
  • Game Center Leaderboards
  • and many more

Try the fun today!

Spooktacular Creeps For iOS & Android

Tue Sep 22 10:19:48 2015

Proud to announce the release of Spooktacular Creeps 1.0.2 for both iOS and Android.

Download on iOS

Download on Android

I would be delighted to hear your feedback!

Press Release - Spooktacular Creeps Now Available for Free on iOS and Android

Spooktacular Creeps Released on iOS and Android

Thu Sep 10 08:30:58 2015

It's scare time and the monsters are out and about! Join in the fun and pop for free in this amazingly addictive physics based puzzle game.


Today I'm very proud to announce the release of my new app Spooktacular Creeps, an amazingly addictive physics based puzzle game for iPhone, iPad and Google Android devices.

Players collect gold by popping spooky monsters to level up characters and beat friends scores. Players can currently choose between many traditional favourites such as Frankenstein, Dracula, the Witch or Zombie, as well as more unfamiliar yet interesting monsters such as Tengu and Oni. Each monster has it's own skill and potions can be crafted and equipped for even more popping power! The app is free to download on iTunes App Store and Google Play.

I wanted to create something that I myself actually wanted to play, as well as something that would entertain people all over the world. Spooktacular Creeps is a really fun and addicting puzzler and I'm sure it will find popularity in the hearts of both avid puzzle fans and monster lovers alike.

The game has players leveling up their little monsters called 'Creeps'. With each level monsters gain in 'Power' and can achieve better and better scores. The game also features a weekly ranking bonus whereby player can challenge their friends to see who's creeps get the best score.

Absolutely anyone can pick up and start playing as one of the fantastic looking monster. A lot of love and care has been put into making these little creeps a joy to play with, and there are many more to come.

I am independent developer who’s goal is to make games players enjoy and want to keeping play for a long time to come.

For additional information, contact Ben or reach out via Twitter @Ubacoda

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