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Convert Font Suitcase to TTF in 3 Easy Steps

Fri Mar 10 11:47:00 2017

I came across the problem of converting an old Mac font format recently. The solution was not immediately apparent, so I will share it here.

1. Open terminal using Spotlight or whatever. It's in /Applications/Utilities.

2. Type the following and make sure you have the names of the font right or it will not work.

cat "<fontname>/..namedfork/rsrc" > ~/"Desktop/<fontname>.dfont"

Hit enter and you should see <fontname>.dfont created on your desktop. You can probably tell it worked if you see a preview of the font as the file icon.

3. Download DfontSplitter. It's free and I found it useful.

Follow the instructions in app, selecting your destination folder, and hit 'Convert'. It's pretty self explanatory.

You should find a .ttf file present wherever you chose to save.

Problem solved. Time for tea and biscuits!

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