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Tumble Bee HD Release

Fri May 4 20:55:59 2012

It's been a long time since I've written anything on this blog. Since my move to a Ateam Inc. in Nagoya, I have been working flat out on various games for the company and have had very little time to do anything of my own. Well, it's golden week here in Japan and I'm currently working on a few personal projects. News came to me today that my app TumbleBee HD has made it to the app store. If you haven't tried the original yet, I recommend downloading this new HD version which now supports Game Center and all iPad resolutions including the 'new iPad'.

Super 21 : BlackJack Now Available on the iTunes App Store!

Mon Oct 31 19:47:50 2011

Super 21 : Blackjack for iPhone and iPod touch

Super 21 BlackJack logoI am very proud to announce the release of my lastest iPhone app - Super 21 : BlackJack.

I have been working pretty hard lately and have tons of unfinished apps and artwork lying all over the place. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day, but I have finally managed to get this one done. And I have to admit, it's a cracker! If you like cards games then you'll most likely enjoy this one. Please check it out and as usual please give any feedback on how to make Super 21 : BlackJack even better than it already is. You can also give any feedback on the Super 21 webpage at

And finally, here's a link for Super 21 on the iTunes web page :

Lastly, I'd like to say a very quick thank you to everyone who has supported me in my indie endeavors to develop entertaining mobile apps. I cherish every comment and snippet of feedback, so thank you for all you have given so far. I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Tones : Music Creation App for iOS devices on youTube

Sun Oct 30 20:48:37 2011

Hi everyone, just wanted to share this video of my music creation app : Tones. Check it out.

View on youTube

TumbleBee video now on youTube

Sun Sep 11 22:49:14 2011

TumbleBee video is now on youTube. Enjoy.

TumbleBee Update and New App called Tones

Wed Aug 24 21:12:12 2011

Tumble Bee 1.1

It's been a busy month, but at last I have managed to get the first update for TumbleBee for the iPhone and iPod Touch on the iTunes store, so for those of you who have already downloaded this app, this update (v1.1) now boasts an OpenFeint High Score leaderboard and 7 achievements to be unlocked for challenges completed. Some of these challenges are easy but some are devilishly difficult and I imagine will take a little more effort to complete. I hope that you all enjoy playing the latest version of TumbleBee. For those who haven't yet got it, why not try it out? Here's the link - TumbleBee (v1.1)

New app - Tones

Also, very excitedly, I am proud to announce a new release - Tones. Tones is a music app that lets you create fun sounds with just a few taps of the sound pads. The great thing is, you don't even need to be musical to create great sounding tunes. Check it out - if really a lot of fun!

Interview with Ansca about Tumble Bee

Sat Oct 30 04:05:11 2010

Just wanted to post a quick link here and say thank you to the guys at Ansca for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed about my iPhone application - Tumble Bee.

Tumble Bee interview:

Diary of an ‘ActionScript 3 Madman’ Tumble Bee creator Ben Walker

Tumble Bee - my first iPhone app!

Fri Sep 3 12:59:08 2010

'Tumble Bee' has been on the iTunes store for a few weeks now, but I'm am only just now getting round to posting about it here.

Not that I'm advertising or anything (although I suppose a few sales wouldn't hurt), but I have to admit that it's quite addictive. My top score is 263 jumps. If anyone gets higher, please let me know.

But even more importantly, there is nothing better to a programmer than feedback. Please please please feel free to let me know what you think of the game and how it can be improved. I'm all ears towards unbiased, useful comments.

Please visit the TumbleBee iTunes page to check out more about the app as well as the few screen shots that I've put up.

Download Tumble Bee

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