Magic Mouse is a Hit with Me

Mon Dec 14 01:15:30 2009

I wrote a post a few weeks back about the new Apple Magic Mouse and said that if I ever got one of my own, I would write about my experiences. Well, it was my birthday recently and my dear ol' mom actually forked out for one for me. My first impression when I got it was how well presented it was, which I suppose is nothing new where Apple is concerned. The design of the mouse is very sleek and it doesn't feel as round or as bulky as it's predecessor - the Mighty Mouse.

The scroll functionality works flawlessly but with an added feature that I was unaware of until I got my hands on it. The mouse can actually detect how fast your finger scrolls across it's shiny surface and it will scroll accordingly, which is great when you want to get to the end of a long web page really fast in one quick swipe of your finger. The way it scroll kind of reminded me of how the iPhone scrolls as that also detects the speed of your scroll.

At the bottom of the mouse are two black extrusions kind of like skiis which raise the mouse a good 3mm from whatever surface you are using it on. The Might Mouse, however, was rather low and often allowed dirt or pencil rubbing to get trapped underneath (Yes, I know I should clean my desk more often) hindering the movement of the mouse.

The two silly buttons at either side of the Mighty Mouse, which in my opinion did more harm than good as my clumsy fingers would often press them by mistake, have been removed too. In the end, I chose to turn them off with the Mighty Mouse, but with the Magic Mouse, that's not a problem anymore.

One thing that I have found that I miss is the ability to press the very center of the mouse (scroll ball on Mighty Mouse) and have the daskboard widgets show. With the new Magic Mouse, there is only a left and a right click, so I guess Magic Mouse users will have to press F12 to bring the daskboard up for now.

Anyway, in conclusion, if you're thinking of buying one, I would strongly recommend it. It's a very simple mouse, and although I'm not sure it quite justifies the price, it will certainly be one of the better mice you've had for your apple computer.

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