ActionScript 3 Digital Clock Class

Thu Jan 21 04:10:47 2010

Something as simple as putting the time on your site shouldn't be a difficult task and so I thought I would share a quick class with you that when instantiated creates and Textfield and tells the current time.

Here's the code.

import DigitalClock;

var clock:DigitalClock = new DigitalClock();
var clockGMT:DigitalClock = new DigitalClock(true);

clock.x = 10;
clockGMT.x = 100;

Here's the result

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In the example above, we import and make two instances of the class DigitalClock. I have named them 'clock' and 'clockGMT' for obvious reasons.

You will noticed that we pass the Boolean true to the clockGMT instantiation to create a clock that displays Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which is the local time in the UK. If you don't pass true or false the class will default to the local time (false) of the computer viewing it.

After that, all that's left is to add the clocks to the display list using addChild() passing in the name of each instantiation. I have also set the x position of the clocks so they don't appear on top of one another.

Download the DigitalClock Class here

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