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Tue Jan 26 08:57:45 2010

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This is just to let you know that I have updated the DigitalClock class that I posted a little while back. The class is now called simply Clock.as. New functions include clockAnalogue() and clockDigital(). Just take a look below to see how to use them.

import Clock;

var clockAnalogue:Clock = new Clock();
var clockDigital:Clock = new Clock();

clockAnalogue.tickAnalogue(hourhand, minuteHand, secondHand, true);
clockDigital.tickDigital(textField, textFormat, true);

In the above code, we first import the Clock class and make two instances of it. One called clockAnalogue and the other clockDigital. These names can be anything you like.

Next we call the tickAnalogue function on the clockAnalogue instance. On the instance clockDigital, we call the tickDigital method. tickAnalogue and tickDigital tell the clock class whether it will be an Analogue or Digital style clock.

tickAnalogue takes four parameters, the first 3 are mandatory MovieClips and the last parameter is optional. The first paremeter represents the hour hand, the second the minute hand, and the third represents the seconds Hand. You can draw these just in code or create them in Flash, and then just pass them in.
The fourth and final parementer is just a Boolean. Setting it to true gives you GMT time. false gives you local time.

The tickDigital method takes 3 paremeters. The last of which is a Boolean and sets GMT or local time in the same way that it does in the tickAnalogue method. The first parameter takes the TextField that will display the time. The second takes a TextFormat to style the time.

..and that's it folks. Again, I hope you find this useful.

Download the Clock.as Class here

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