An exciting day... (Objective-C: not for the faint of heart)

Wed Mar 24 02:02:20 2010

Today is an exciting day. I received an email from Adobe saying that the new Flash Builder 4 is just on the horizon and I have received word that Flash CS5 will (fingers crossed) be available around April 22 (don't hold me to that).

Those two things alone have brightened my day, but wait... there's more. I also received an email regarding the Corona SDK for iPhone development. It had already been announced on the Corona website that Corona had planned to add support for the iPad, and not only was the iPad beta confirmed yesterday, but also Corona announced that they would also being entering the beta phase for Android support.

Now this is great for those who cannot take the excruciating pain of learning Objectve-C. "It's not that bad", I hear some say, and I must admit that after mastering my first 'Hello World', I quite agree. However, Corona feels very similar to ActionScript and in comparison to the Adobe iPhone packager that will hopefully be available next month, the use of Lua makes it much lighter.

As a programmer I am very much intreaged by all the implications... but perhaps all the 'ActionScripters' out there shouldn't get too excited yet - what with the colossal amount of programmers out there who have already made their app and are just readying their eager trigger finger for the CS5 iphone build button - it may just be too much to compete with unless your idea is truly original.

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