My Top 10 Mac Apps

Thu Mar 25 02:39:27 2010

As you may have guess I love Mac. As a programmer, I don't always appreciate everything apple turns out, but I believe that Apple supplies some of the very best hardware and software out there. On that note, I have been meaning to write top 10 favourite Mac applications and post them here. So without further a do...

*Note that all prices (if any) are as of March 2010.


Espresso ($79.95) - From the same people who produced CSSEdit comes Espresso. It's a little overpriced if you ask me, but does a good job of HTML/CSS and has a live (as-you-code) view feature. The PHP auto-complete can be a little messy at times but there are a few plug-ins available so it has a lot of potential to improve.


QuickScale (14.99 Euro) - This little app has been a life saver. As a programmer and designer, keeping file size down is very important, and what would normally take a great deal of time to do, gets done in a few secs with QuickScale. On one occasion, I remember a design change that required thumbnail images as well as full-size images. It was easy to create the thumbs I needed in just a few clicks.


Pixelmator ($59) - A very very very stylish and easy to use image editing software. Great value for money if you don't want to pay the price for Photoshop


Document Palette - One thing that is missing in Mac OSX is the ability to right click on your desktop and create a text file or HTML document. With this great little app, you can easily create new documents with simple shortcuts and even customize the default template files it uses.


Versions (€39.00) - Versions gives you a really nice interface to interact with Subversion. However, as well as being pleasant on the eyes, it allows you to keep bookmarks of any connections you frequently visit, which is really convenient if you are constantly moving files around.


De MonsterDebugger - This is a wonderful little debugger built using Adobe Air for Flash and Flex developers. If you are using a text editor like TextMate, or even if your not, this is a very nice addition to any ActionScripter's toolbox.


MAMP (Free but MAMP Pro cost $59.00) - MAMP is something I have come to need more than most other applications as it allows easy set up of a development server for web development and testing purposes. It can easily be turned on and off, there is minimal setup required and in most cases, it actually less space than installing Apache, PHP and mySQL by yourself. Great for PHP developers!


Transmit ($29) - Transmit is a nice FTP app that is full of features and very easy to use. I have never had a complaint with this. It even lets you open and edit files directly from the server. It has saved me a tone of time, particularly with last minute web design changes and website updates.


DropBox - Keeping myself organized with minimal effort has never been easy. I used to be a big fan of, but DropBox has changed the way I work completely, and the best of it is that this little gem will work on Mac, Win and Linux. Believe me, you'll probably hardly ever use your USB again, and it's 100% free! Amazing!


TextMate ($54)- For coding, Flash CS4 is mediocre, Eclipse is cool, Flex 3 is great, but my No. 1 love on my Mac is TextMate. It's simply the text editor that has it all. I just couldn't live without this wonderful piece of software. If you are a programmer and a fan of simplicity meets power production, I thoroughly recommend this.

So there you have it. You may not agree with my choices, but I find that my favourites change depending on what I'm working on at that time. Feel free to comment about your favourite apps.

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