" No transcoder registered for mimetype 'text/fxg' " Error

Sat May 8 17:43:39 2010

Well, this has really bugged me for a while now... I've been using an older version of the Flex 4 SDK until recently and have never had this problem. When I downloaded the latest nightly, I was struck with the fear that I would never again be freely able to use FXG the way I had previous. I just couldn't understand why the Flex 4 SDK wouldn't be able to transcode Adobe's shiny new toy - FXG. It just didn't make sense. I actually wrote another rather popular post about how to embed FXG in ActionScript which showed the following method of using FXG.

The following doesn't seem to work using the latest Flex 4 SDK releases

private var Flower:Class;		
private var flower:Sprite = new Flower();

But why wouldn't something that worked before, work now? For a moment, I thought it was a way to make you buy software that supported this feature, but that didn't make sense either, since the SDK is free as well as having an open source version.

Then it hit me. I'd remembered watching a video that someone from Adobe (at least he said he was) had posted online. The video showed something along the following lines

This seems to works fine!

import Flower;
var flower:Flower = new Flower()

I could never get this to work in the older versions of the Flex 4 SDK but that's right folks! What was pretty simple before has become even simpler! Now just treat the FXG graphic as you would any other class and the magic is retained. In the words of David Bowie, "Wham bam thank you mam!"

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