Tumble Bee - my first iPhone app!

Fri Sep 3 12:59:08 2010

'Tumble Bee' has been on the iTunes store for a few weeks now, but I'm am only just now getting round to posting about it here.

Not that I'm advertising or anything (although I suppose a few sales wouldn't hurt), but I have to admit that it's quite addictive. My top score is 263 jumps. If anyone gets higher, please let me know.

But even more importantly, there is nothing better to a programmer than feedback. Please please please feel free to let me know what you think of the game and how it can be improved. I'm all ears towards unbiased, useful comments.

Please visit the TumbleBee iTunes page to check out more about the app as well as the few screen shots that I've put up.

Download Tumble Bee

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