New Apple Magic Mouse

Fri Nov 6 00:18:04 2009

I have to admit that I am a very big fan of Apple. Anyone who owns an Apple computer will probably comment on how reliable they are. However, with that said, I have to confess that I never really been impressed by the quality of Apple mouse technology.

About a year ago, I procured with great delight an Apple 'Mighty Mouse'. At the time, I was using Illustrator an awful lot and the 360 degree scroll ability of the Mighty Mouse was very desirable. However, now I have to say it is a constant battle trying to keep the scroll-ball working. Sending it to Apple for a clean every few months (maybe more often) just to have it scroll again would be an immense pain in the proverbial backside, and taking it apart to clean those little roller things inside time after time just to have it cease up on you again is tiresome, time consuming and down right infuriating, especially considering the price one costs. Let's face it, Apple products aren't cheap and you would expect them to do what it says on the tin.

With the new Apple Magic Mouse it looks as though Apple has realized their mistake and have completely got rid of the scroll-ball design. The Magic Mouse will interpret user input such as swipe and scroll actions reminiscent of the Apple iPhone, which although gimmicky, will surprisingly shave import seconds off your user experience.

If and when I come around to purchasing one, I will undoubtedly write a review here. Until then you can find more info at the Apple Magic Mouse webpage

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