Firebug Debugging in TextMate

Mon Nov 16 12:13:56 2009

I do almost all of my coding in what I believe is the best text editor currently on the planet, and the best thing since sliced bread - TextMate.

It is so light, has the best features, including live preview and snippets, and can now be used to debug code such as JavaScript, PHP and even ActionScript 3 through Mozilla's Firebug

There are a lot of hacks and plug-ins around that allow you to debug in various ways, including as-you-type Terminal output, which is very cool indeed but something I will leave for another post. The method of debugging JavaScript that I am most impressed with so far is DocTyper's Firebug bundle for TextMate. You can get a copy here along with some more detail on the subject. But for now, just check it out and don't forget to turn on "Enable access for assistive devices inside "Universal Access" on the Mac System Preferences panel.

For ActionScript, check out the Flashbug extension of Firebug, which you can find by doing a simple search on the Mozilla Addons page. You will also need a copy of the Debug Flash Player which you can of course download from the Adobe Flash Player Downloads page. Next create a file called mm.cfg and place it in Library/Application Support/Macromedia/(file goes here), and then add the following lines of text to it and save.


A file called Flashlog.txt will automatically be created in the directory Users/(your name)/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/Logs/(Flashlog.txt file found here) FlashBug will read from this file and display any trace statements inside FireFox, which I personally find very helpful.

As a quick side note, I just want to add that ActionScript people might also want to try and Google Sephiroth Flash Tracer extension for FireFox. If you aren't using FireFox you may want to check out Vizzy Flash Tracer which is a standalone tracer.

Anyway, that's all for now, so get debugging those applications!

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